I don’t need many seeds this year.  Since my yearly seed order is pretty small, I only order from one company each year.  This time, the lucky recipients of my seed order are Pinetree,  aka superseeds.com, located in Maine.  (see my Resources page for more information.)

I ordered Kentucky blue pole bean, red ace beet, purple pak choi, snow crown cauliflower, komatsuna (a mustard green), starbor kale, Harris model parsnip, and cherry belle radish vegetable seeds.  I also ordered white moonflower and Grandpa Ott’s morning glory flower seeds.  I have all the other seeds that I plan to use this year.

I also ordered a couple of soil treatments.  One is legume inoculant, a granulated collection of bacteria that help legume plants (peas and beans) convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form that they can use.  I use this every year.  The other soil treatment is called Actinovate and it’s another beneficial bacterium, one that is supposed to protect plants from various fungal diseases.  I have had trouble with late blight killing off my tomatoes near the end of the growing season, so I’ll try this and see if it helps.


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