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Preparing a Garden Bed

Preparation of this raised bed (bed number two) began with the cleanup a few weeks ago.  After that, I turned over the soil with my garden fork.  This loosens the soil to allow air and water to move freely, mixes decaying … Continue reading

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Raised Beds

It’s time to write about raised garden beds.  First, I’ll cover a problem that I’m having; then give you my advice about raised beds. The problem that I’m facing this year is that two of my raised garden beds are … Continue reading

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Tomato & Herb Seedlings

The tomatoes, marigolds, and some of the herbs that we planted a week ago are coming up. The new tomato plants are in the black pots on the left.  The large tomato plants on the right were planted just over … Continue reading

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More Marigolds

Today I planted marigold ‘petite yellow’ seeds in a window planter at my office.  These marigolds are small (six to eight inches height) so they should work well in a container. I have two of these planters at work now.  I … Continue reading

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Snow & Marigolds

Saturday’s snow had mostly melted, so of course we got few more inches of snow today.  The garden in snow: You can make out the four raised beds; on the right are the tomato, pepper, and eggplant cages that I removed … Continue reading

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Snow & Hyacinths

The snow on Saturday put a stop to any plans to work outside.  Well, it’s a convenient excuse anyway. Here are some hyacinth shoots poking out of the ground under a hinoki (Japanese false cypress) bush cultivar.  Like other early … Continue reading

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Planting 03: Tomatoes & Herbs

Tonight, my daughter and her friend helped me plant herbs and additional tomatoes.  These will be the last of the vegetable and herb seeds that we will start indoors, but I need to plant some flower seeds before too long. … Continue reading

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Seedlings Update

I now have seedlings growing in every pot that I’ve planted so far.  Germination rates are quite high, even though some of the seeds are several years old.  The early tomato pot is on the left, then the peppers (front … Continue reading

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A Flowering Pineapple

If you cut off the top of a pineapple fruit and put it in soil, it will grow.  Of course, if you live in a cold climate as I do, you have to plant your pineapple in a (large) pot and … Continue reading

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Spring Cleanup

With the nice weather this weekend, I got my bicycle tuned up and rode it a little.  But I also started the spring cleanup of the vegetable garden beds. At the end of the growing season, I leave the garden … Continue reading

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