Seed Leaves & True Leaves

The first leaves you see on a tomato seedling are the seed leaves, or cotyledon.  (see  They come from the seed and don’t resemble the true leaves that grow after the plant sprouts.  However, they perform photosynthesis just like the true leaves, providing energy for the young plant to grow during its first days.  When the true leaves form, it is an important milestone in our young plants’ lives.  This tomato plant is just beginning to produce its first true leaves, the tiny leaves forming between the larger seed leaves.tomato02

You can read more about seed leaves and true leaves in another post by clicking here.


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10 Responses to Seed Leaves & True Leaves

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  4. I know why this one gets a lot of views. Most likely from newbie gardeners. When I started gardening, I had to google “true leaves” myself. Say what?! You mean, as opposed to untrue/fake leaves? 🙂

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