More Marigolds

Today I planted marigold ‘petite yellow’ seeds in a window planter at my office.  These marigolds are small (six to eight inches height) so they should work well in a container.

I have two of these planters at work now.  I planted nasturtiums in them two years ago.  Those plants were still going strong and flowering at the end of the summer, so I moved them to my office, which has good southern exposure.  The nasturtiums eventually died, but a petunia came up in one planter.  I had petunias in these planters about four years ago; whether this is from seed I planted that didn’t germinate then or seed that those petunias produced, I don’t know.


The marigold seeds are in the planter on the left.  Next to it in the black pot is a dwarf pomegranate and the petunia is growing in the planter beyond that.  There is a (very) prickly pear cactus in the back on the right.   The pot in front of the cactus had cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ in it last summer; new cosmos plants came up from seed from those plants last fall and so I moved that pot to my office as well.


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