Planting 04: Peas

After setting up raised bed number two, I could plant the first vegetable to actually go into the garden.  That honor always goes to peas, partly due to the logistical concern of having to move the trellis before I can work on the garden bed it was used in last year.

Pea planting actually begins the day before you put the pea seeds in the ground.  I had my daughter count out 96 peas Friday night so we could soak them in water overnight.  The wrinkled, little, dried peas became plump and ready to grow.

Peas present a conundrum:  they grow well in cool weather, in fact they die if it gets too hot; but they do need warmth to germinate.  So, I want to plant them early to take advantage of the cooler spring weather, but to combat germination problems I plant them pretty thickly, at one per inch.


On Saturday (March 30th), I planted the peas close to the trellis, about an inch deep.  I sprinkled “Granular Garden Soil Inoculant” on the peas.  This is a mixture of bacteria that helps legumes such as peas and beans to convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form that plants can use.  I watered the peas, covered them with soil, and watered again.

You may wonder why this is only 04 of planting; I’ve planted some flowers since 03.  The reason is that I’m only counting vegetables…which wasn’t intentional, but I’ve decided that I like it.


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