More Cleanup & a Surprise

Tonight, I started to prepare raised bed number one for planting.  Warm weather is on the way and I want to be ready.

As before, I removed old plant material to the compost bin. These were mostly herbs and ‘golden guardian’ marigolds.  Since my compost bin doesn’t get hot enough to kill seeds, this means I’ll probably have marigolds coming up everywhere in the future.

Next, I removed the plastic pegs and the landscape fabric that they were holding down.  The pegs will be reused for many years, but the fabric has been used for two years — this was the tomato bed two years ago — and is falling apart.

It is still pretty cold, so I decided that was enough for tonight.

And the surprise?  While removing the old plants, this was discovered:


It’s a mantis egg mass.  Mantids are predators, but they eat good as well as bad bugs so their benefit to the garden is debatable.  They are fun to find in the garden however, and the fact that I rarely use insecticides probably contributes to their success in my garden.  The egg mass was carefully moved to a nearby location.


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5 Responses to More Cleanup & a Surprise

  1. I use these “workers” to clean out my bugs in my garden, they work well, I found less snails, slugs, mosquitos and beneficial bugs still around!

    • I wish they would clean out the slugs in my garden as they are a big problem. I’ve only seen a mantis catch a bug one time, so I’m not sure what they are eating in my garden.

      • If the population of them reach certain number, they will clean up more edible bugs and directly or indirectly control snails and slugs.

        Love the result! My neighbores also use them last year, they said it was the first year seeing their hostas without holes!

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