Preparing Garden Bed Number One

This raised bed was prepared in the same manner as raised bed number two.  I already cleaned the old plant stems out earlier.

I moved some of the screws holding the timbers together so that they were in solid wood and added new screws where needed.  Then, I turned the soil over with my garden fork.  I raked the soil out flat and pulled it higher around the edges to keep water in the bed.  I added manure and raked it in, then added fertilizer and raked that in too.  This bed is larger than number two, so I used three pounds (1.4 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer instead of two.  Another difference is that this bed will have no landscape fabric and no trellis.  Now, it is ready to plant.

Other activities today included cleanup of raised beds numbers three and four.  Bed number three still has kale growing in it which we have been eating, so I’ll leave that in place as long as possible.  We found some carrots that we missed last fall in bed number four; surprisingly, they are edible.  Bed four also has some chard plants re-emerging, and I’ll move those and some onions to bed number one.


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