My hyacinths are in bloom and on Thursday (April 11th) I could finally smell their lovely scent.  These are festival hyacinths which have a looser, less formal group of flowers than regular hyacinths.  I took a series of photos of them as they began to bloom.

On March 16th, they were just coming up.


On April 6th, the flower buds were showing.


Just a day later on April 7th, the flower stalks were noticeably taller.


By April 9th, the flowers had started to open.


More flowers had opened on April 10th.


They were fully open on April 11th.  It’s too bad I can’t post the scent!


Here is the full bed of hyacinths on April 11th.  I planted twenty bulbs between the front walk and some shrubs about four years ago and eighteen are alive and producing flowers.  If you plant bulbs such as hyacinths or tulips, you want to plant a mass of identical bulbs to get the best effect.  From the street, these are visible as a splash of color.


Remember that any spring flowering bulb must be allowed to grow into the summer so that it can store energy if you want it to continue to bloom each year.  In other words, don’t cut off the leaves when they finish flowering!  If you find that your bulb plants are unattractive after they flower, consider planting something in addition that will mask their foliage, such as a summer blooming flower or a ground cover.  For example, I have tulips planted with daylilies in  my back yard.  In the photo below, the tulips are the taller, individual plants and the daylilies are the shorter clump of leaves.



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