Peach Tree & More on Pruning

When I posted about pruning, I showed photos of the cherry but not the peach tree.


I trained the branches to spread horizontally.  This was done by placing notched boards between the branches and the central trunk and also by pruning away the ends of branches that were growing more vertically, leaving a secondary branch that would be more horizontal.  After the branches were trained, I removed the central trunk.  I thought perhaps I had overdone this, but when I was in Japan a few years ago I saw peach orchards with trees that looked similar to mine, so maybe I got it right.  See my Resources page for more information on training and pruning fruit trees.

The vertical poles are used to support bird netting — not to keep birds out, but to keep squirrels out.  Squirrels have a taste for peaches, apparently.

When you prune, you need to cut close enough to the parent branch that you don’t leave a lot of dead tissue that can be attacked by disease or pests, but you also need to be far enough away that you don’t damage tissue that the remaining branches need.  Here is a photo of my pruning attempt.  I’m by no means an expert, so don’t hesitate to consult more authoritative books or websites!


As of Thursday (April 11th), the peach buds were showing some color:


How soon will they bloom?  I’ll let you know when it happens.  Here is a closeup of the cherry tree buds for comparison:



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