Some Updates

I’ve updated the blog’s About and Resources pages, which can also be accessed from the header at the top of this page.

The seeds I recently planted in garden beds one and four have to be planted at a fairly shallow depth, as little as a quarter inch (6 mm).  It’s important to keep them moist, so I have been watering them every day unless there is sufficient rain.  It did rain Wednesday night, and it’s been rainy all day today (Friday, April 12th), so I haven’t had to water the past couple of days.  Incidentally, if you have some seeds and can’t find any directions about how deeply they should be planted, the size of the seed is a good indication:  plant the seed about twice as deep as its width.

The warmer weather is bringing some perennial flowers out of hibernation.  This photo is of the herbaceous peony that grows near my back porch.  This type of peony dies back every year, as opposed to tree peonies that are similar to shrubs.  They are growing fast — a couple days ago they were barely out of the ground — and I will need to put up their support soon.  Without a support, they can’t hold up their heavy, double flowers.  Lilies are coming up to the right and there are some ground cover plants in the photo too.  As well as looking good, the flowers of this peony are quite fragrant.


If you are wondering about the manure I’ve been using when prepping the garden beds, look at these photos.



At the bottom left of the photo of the back of the bag, you will see a box with “1.1.1” in it.  This important information tells you the analysis for nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium; without it, you have no idea what benefit you’re getting.


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