Outdoor Seedlings

Some of the seeds that I planted directly into the garden beds have started to germinate.

First, an update on the pea seedlings that I planted in garden bed number two on March 30th and showed sprouting on April 11th.  You can see the base of the trellis and some landscape fabric that the trellis is sitting on in the background.  More peas have been coming up, but only about half as many as I am hoping will sprout, which would be half the number I actually planted.


We planted beets, carrots, chard, lettuce, onion seeds, and onion bulbs  in garden bed number one on April 7th.  A few beet and lettuce seeds have germinated.  Here you can see a tiny beet seedling.


A few of the onion bulbs have shoots coming up as well.  In addition to planting seeds and bulbs, I transplanted four chard plants into bed number one on the same day.  I noticed that one of the chard plants looks like something has been chewing on it — probably a rabbit — so I put wire mesh cages around the chard plants to protect them.


The chard plant in the foreground (which doesn’t have a cage around it yet in the photo) is the one that has been eaten.  The cages are simply pushed into the soil; they stay in place pretty well.  The tops of the cages are rolled to make them a little less sharp.


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