Another Frost Warning

While I was pruning the blackberries yesterday, there was a short rain shower followed by a sudden drop in temperature.  There was a frost warning for last night and another warning for tonight.  We prepared much as we did for the earlier frost warning.  Last night, we covered the early tomatoes by wrapping a plastic tarp around their cage.  We also put the garden fabric back over the cabbage family plants in garden bed number four and covered that with some old sheets.


You can see the other tomatoes in their red water jackets to the right; they are well protected from light frosts.  As it turned out, we didn’t get down to freezing last night, but tonight is predicted to be colder.  We’ll cover these plants again tonight, but I don’t have enough material to protect everything.  I don’t think that tonight’s predicted low temperature (30 °F or -1 °C) will damage the peas, carrots, onions, lettuce, beets, or chard.  I am more worried about the peach and cherry trees, which could lose the fruit that they have already set.  I may spray them with water tonight.  Water has to lose a lot of heat to make the liquid-to-solid transition, and that might be enough to protect the fruit trees.


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