Planting 07: Pole Beans

I planted my pole beans in garden bed number two tonight.  My brother recommended Kentucky blue pole beans to me several years ago, and although I’ve tried other varieties, these remain my favorite.  I planted them on the opposite side of the trellis from the peas, an inch (25 mm) deep and about 2 inches apart.  Just like with the peas, I sprinkled “Granular Garden Soil Inoculant” on the bean seeds to help these legumes fix nitrogen.  I watered them, covered them with soil, and watered again.


I installed some black plastic mesh fencing around the beans and the ends of the trellis.  Rabbits like to eat young bean plants and the fence is necessary if I want to have any beans.  Rabbits are proving to be a big problem for me this year — they’ve been eating my beet seedlings and it looks like one wants to build its burrow in garden bed number four.  The fencing is attached to the trellis and four electric fence posts with wire ties.  In the photo, you can see the peas climbing the far side of the trellis.


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