Transplanting 04: Peppers, Eggplant, and Marigolds

On Saturday (May 18th), we transplanted the pepper, eggplant, and marigold seedlings into garden bed number three.  That bed is completely planted now.

I followed the same procedure as in transplanting the tomatoes.  For each pot of seedlings (I plant three to five of these plants together in a group), I cut an ‘X’ shaped opening in the landscape fabric and dug a hole.  Unlike the tomatoes, I did not plant these seedlings deeper than they were growing, so I didn’t dig the holes extra deep.  I removed the plants from their pot after running the plant label around the edges to loosen the root balls.  If the roots were wrapped around the outside of the soil, I gently separated them before putting the plants in the hole, re-filling the hole, and watering.  I added a tablespoon (15 ml) of the soluble fertilizer (18-24-16) per two gallons (8 l) of water and used a total of four gallons for seven groups of plants.

In this photo, the yellow banana peppers and the ichiban imp eggplant are already in the ground, while the takiis ace peppers wait patiently (they’re plants, what else are they going to do?).  We’ve already moved one water jacket from the tomatoes on the left to the peppers in the center.


The tomatoes no longer need their protection, so the water jackets were moved to protect the peppers and eggplant.  We filled another water jacket the day before so we would have six.  The golden guardian marigolds have been transplanted into the middle of the tomatoes.  Cages were put around all the tomatoes and tied to electric fence posts with orange twine to keep them from being blown over.


The last thing I did was to spread slug bait around the tomatoes and inside the water jackets.  Last year, slugs ate my young pepper and eggplant seedlings soon after I transplanted them; I don’t want that to happen again.


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