Flowering Peppers, Rabbits, Tomatoes and Marigolds

This evening, I weeded (part of) garden bed number one.  You can get an idea of what it looked like from the second photo in yesterday’s post.  There was a lot of dill, cilantro, shiso, tomatillo, and even a few weeds growing among the carrots, onions, chard, and beets.  Carrot and dill seedlings look alike when they first come up, but now I can tell them apart.  The dill is more frilly and a darker green.  I saved the cilantro to eat, but we already have a lot of dill from what I pulled out yesterday.  I left a few “volunteer” plants to harvest later and to produce seed for future years.

Some of the takiis ace peppers have flowers.  Unlike tomatoes, peppers need help from bees or other pollinators, so I transplanted these just in time.  The peppers are growing inside a red water jacket.


A rabbit dug a burrow in garden bed number four.  I demolished her handiwork, but she is trying again, this time in bed number one.  To discourage her, tonight I sprayed all around the garden with a commercial deer and rabbit repellent that is a mixture of rotten eggs and garlic.  After it dries, the repellent is barely noticeable to humans, but is supposed to offend animals’ more sensitive sense of smell.  The photo shows the hole she dug.  We removed the creeping thyme that she chewed off and used to line her burrow.


When I transplanted tomatoes, one broke off.  I pushed the top part into the soil in the hope that it would grow, and it has.  The arrows point out the “new” tomato plant.


I mentioned transplanting the golden guardian marigolds the other day, but they weren’t very visible in the photo.  Here they are, surrounded by the tomato plants that they are designed to protect from destructive nematodes.



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