Peas are blooming! (and chard and mustard greens)

The super sugar snap peas are blooming, which means we will be harvesting pea pods soon.


Unfortunately, some other plants are producing flower buds too — plants that I don’t want to see blooming because we eat the leaves or roots.  When these plants bloom, they stop producing the parts that we want and instead spend their energy on making seed.  They also tend to become bitter.  One of the plants that is trying to bloom is the chard that I transplanted from garden bed number four into bed number one.


If you look closely, you can see a small spider or mite (not sure which) on the chard.

Some of the mustard greens are also making flower buds.  This is a fun jen pai tsai plant.


The daikon, which we grow for the root, also have flower buds.  The roots are still much too small to harvest.  The only thing we can do is to remove the buds and hope that the plants will grow further.


I checked the moisture levels in the garden beds because we haven’t received a lot of rain recently.  Most of the beds have enough moisture to last until the next predicted rain.  The tomato beds are almost wet, which I think is because the landscape fabric on the bed reduces evaporation.  I measure moisture with this simple probe.  It works well despite its low cost.



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