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Turnips, Peas, & First Tomatoes

The harvest on Saturday (June 22nd) included turnips (hakurei), pea pods (super sugar snap) and the first ripe tomatoes (Park’s early challenge) of the season.  We’ve been gathering pea pods every few days since we first harvested them ten days … Continue reading

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Bird Netting Part 2

After we removed the bird netting from the cherry tree and picked the cherries on Saturday (June 22nd), my daughter helped me place two pieces of the bird netting on the peach tree.  Although blue jays will sometimes peck a hole … Continue reading

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Tomato & Eggplant Update

The early tomato plants (Park’s Early Challenge) had fruit ready to be picked on Saturday (June 22nd).  More green fruit is almost full sized (lower right in the photo). Other tomato plants also have fruit.  These are Margherita paste tomatoes. … Continue reading

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Cherry Picking

Today my daughter helped me pick the cherries.  We removed the bird netting and picked all the good cherries.  Some were damaged by birds or from rubbing against branches.  Others were infected with fungus.  Good, ripe cherries are easy to … Continue reading

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Cranberries are blooming!

In my experience, cranberries are one of the easier fruits to grow.  They don’t seem to be bothered by pests or disease.  Weeds have been a problem though.  The plants are small, perhaps six inches (15 cm) tall, and weeds … Continue reading

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Planting 10: Pole Beans (Again)

As seems to be the theme this year for seeds that I sow directly into the garden, not many of the Kentucky blue pole beans that I planted on May 15th came up.  Tonight, I planted more pole beans in … Continue reading

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Flowering Milkweed

The common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a wildflower that is native to most of North America.  Plants of the milkweed genus are the only food that caterpillars of the monarch butterfly will eat.  Milkweed contains toxins that accumulate in the caterpillars and … Continue reading

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Cabbage, Radish & Lettuce

Although it has been cooler recently, the hot weather that we experienced earlier apparently prompted some of the cabbage family plants to produce flowers.  We first noticed this problem a few weeks ago.  Now, the pak choi cabbages have flower … Continue reading

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Thinning Peach Fruit

Unlike cherries, peaches have to be thinned.  Otherwise, they produce more fruit than they can support, both physically and energetically.  Several heavy peach fruits will cause a branch to bend and possibly to break.  The peach tree cannot collect enough … Continue reading

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Blackberries are blooming!

The blackberry brambles have been in bloom for at least a few days now. The white flowers, on the right side of the trellis in the first photo, belong to the triple crown blackberries.  The middle bloom has lost its … Continue reading

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