Summer Flowers 01

All of these photos were taken on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013.

First is the end of the spring flowers:  the last of my three rhododendron bushes to bloom.


white-flowering rhododendron

The peony buds from my big spring flower post have now opened.  I value them as much for their fragrance as for how they appear to the eye.


peony flowers

The ‘woolly’ creeping thyme (Thymus pseudolanginosus) covers this slope in flowers.  It is mixed with two other varieties of creeping thyme that will bloom later.


‘woolly’ creeping thyme

Bees spend a lot of time in the thyme.


‘woolly’ creeping thyme flowers with bee

My roses are starting to bloom.  This bush is a Patiohit® rose, but I don’t know which variety.  It was a present.


rose flower

The flowers have a faint fragrance.


rose flowers

These are ‘ruby meidiland’ roses.


rose ‘ruby meidiland’

They look nice, at least until black spot and Japanese beetles start to take their toll.


rose ‘ruby meidiland’ flower

This is the first of my daylilies to bloom.  That looks like a weevil on the left petal.


daylily flower and weevil

How about some fruit with the flowers:  the ‘north star’ cherry tree.


cherry ‘north star’ tree with fruit


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