Peppers & Eggplant Update

The weather forecast is predicting temperatures closer to normal, rather than the swings between hot and cold that we have been experiencing.  That’s why, on Sunday, June 9th, we removed the water jackets from the eggplant and pepper plants and installed commercial tomato cages around them.  Peppers and eggplant are said to be sensitive to temperature extremes.


In the photo, there are three groups of peppers in the front row and one in the middle of the second row of plants.  The eggplant are in the second row.  You can see the tomato plants in their cages at the rear.

Even though they were growing inside the water jackets, the takkiis ace peppers are already producing some fruits.  They are a few inches (about 7 cm) long and need to grow a lot before they are ready to harvest.



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