Transplanting 05: Herbs

I transplanted the herbs on Sunday, June 9th.  These are the last of the plants that we planted and grew indoors.  We transplanted the cabbagesearly tomatoes and other tomatoes; and peppers, eggplant, and marigolds earlier.

Most of the herbs were transplanted into garden bed number two, on the south end of the trellis that supports peas and beans.  I also placed some in the area under the trellis.  These herbs include cilantro, summer savory, marjoram, zaatar marjoram, and flatleaf (Italian) parsley.  Before I could plant them, I had to remove some “volunteer” dill and shiso plants that were growing there.  I dug up some of the dill plants and put them into pots to give to a friend; the rest were pulled and added to the compost bin.  I left a few green shiso plants that are growing at a distance from the herbs that I transplanted.


You can barely see some of the tiny herb plants, even though they were planted almost two months ago.  Since the herbs were planted in peat pots, I removed the tops of the pots and pressed holes in the sides like I did when I transplanted the cabbages.


The sweet basil and lemon basil seedlings were transplanted into a flower bed on a hillside that has some empty space.  I put cages made from hardware cloth (metal mesh) around them to protect them from rabbits, or whatever devoured my basil plants several years ago.  After I transplanted all the herbs, I watered them with 18-24-16 (N-P-K) soluble fertilizer.  One group of basil plants doesn’t have a cage in the photo; I made a cage and placed it around them after the photo was taken.



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