Cabbage, Radish, & Lettuce

Although it has been cooler recently, the hot weather that we experienced earlier apparently prompted some of the cabbage family plants to produce flowers.  We first noticed this problem a few weeks ago.  Now, the pak choi cabbages have flower stalks.


The napa type asian cabbage behind this purple pak choi are still growing nicely.

When they begin to flower, and then to produce seeds, plants like cabbage and radish stop producing the leaves and roots that we want to eat and they also may become bitter.  We are eating them as quickly as we can so that they don’t go to waste.

The daikon and cherry belle radish also are flowering.  We’ve eaten most of the radishes, so  there’s not much loss there; but the daikon never produced the large roots for which they are grown.  I pulled all of the flowering daikon and radishes on Sunday (June 16th).


Some of the daikon already had seed pods.


On the other hand, the lettuce is producing nicely.


In the photo below, you can see the row of mixed varieties of leaf lettuce after the leaves above were harvested.  Onions, shiso, cilantro, and dill are growing near the lettuce.



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