Bird Netting Part 2

After we removed the bird netting from the cherry tree and picked the cherries on Saturday (June 22nd), my daughter helped me place two pieces of the bird netting on the peach tree.  Although blue jays will sometimes peck a hole in a peach, birds are not the main reason I put bird netting over the peach tree.  Squirrels will steal all of the peaches if they can.


Electric fence posts are arranged around the peach tree.  They aren’t tall enough, so I tied bamboo poles to them.  The containers on top of the poles keep the bird netting from slipping down.  The reason to do this is to keep the bird netting above the tree so it won’t pull on the branches and possibly damage them.

To keep the squirrels from going under the edge of the bird netting, I fastened it to the ground with a few dozen plastic garden stakes.  I used clothespins to hold the two pieces of bird netting together.


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