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Planting for Fall

Timing can be tricky when you’re planting fall crops.  Too late, and you’ll never harvest anything; too early, and summer’s heat may be too much for cool-weather crops. Tonight, I prepared raised bed number four.  I pulled various cabbage family … Continue reading

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Beans, Basil, & Tomatillo

We’ve been harvesting pole beans for a couple weeks, but lately they haven’t produced much.  I suspect that the very hot weather from two weeks ago caused them to stop blooming.  New flowers are appearing, so we should get more … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 03

This is the third installment of photos of summer flowers.  You might want to see my two posts with photos of spring flowers as well.  Here’s what’s blooming in my yard in mid-summer. Roses are one of the few perennials … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Peppers, & Blackberries

We have been harvesting increasing numbers of tomatoes over the past two weeks.  The early tomatoes here are growing up and out of the cage. The margherita tomatoes were the first of the paste tomatoes to bear fruit.  We have … Continue reading

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Guest Garden

While on vacation, I visited my parents in southwestern Minnesota.  These photos were taken in my Mom’s garden on July 11th.  They show just some of the vegetables and flowers that she grows in her spacious garden. First up are … Continue reading

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What’s Eating My Eggplant?

As I mentioned in my last post, insects have been eating my eggplant.  They primarily eat the leaves, but they also like to chew on the fruit and ruined three.  These insects have appeared in the past, but not every … Continue reading

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Beans, Tomatoes, & Eggplant

After we arrived home from our vacation, we found that the pole beans were already producing a nice crop of beans. Our neighbors made sure that all the vegetables received enough water while we were gone and harvested some peas, … Continue reading

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I’ve been away for three weeks.  I’ll resume posting when I get caught up.

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Summer Flowers 02

These lilies were planted by the previous owners. The spirea also was planted before we moved to our house. Hydrangea ‘endless summer’ blooms for a long time. Blue flowers are produced by plants growing in soil with an acidic pH … Continue reading

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