Summer Flowers 02

These lilies were planted by the previous owners.


lily flowers

The spirea also was planted before we moved to our house.


spirea flowers

Hydrangea ‘endless summer’ blooms for a long time.


flowering hydrangea ‘endless summer’

Blue flowers are produced by plants growing in soil with an acidic pH (less than 7); pink in alkaline soil.


hydrangea ‘endless summer’ flowers

Daylilly ‘Stella de Oro’ is popular because it is easy to grow and is a repeat bloomer.


daylily ‘Stella de Oro’ flower

Astilbe are grown in shady areas.


flowering astilbe

parent hosta in the center surrounded by seedlings


flowering hosta

hosta flower


hosta flower

milkweed flowers and assorted pollinators


milkweed flower with bumblebee


milkweed flower with moth


milkweed flower with bee and moth


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work: chemist, NMR manager; hobbies: gardening, reading, photography, electronics, biking, woodworking
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