Beans, Tomatoes, & Eggplant

After we arrived home from our vacation, we found that the pole beans were already producing a nice crop of beans.


Our neighbors made sure that all the vegetables received enough water while we were gone and harvested some peas, beans, and lettuce.  The pea vines have all died.  They are a spring crop and can’t live in the summer heat.  You can see some of the pea vines in the background of the photo above, on the other side of the trellis.

We picked a few tomatoes from the early tomato plants.  The green ones had fallen down, probably as a result of a storm while we were away.  Something has been eating the ripe tomatoes; I suspect it is a groundhog, also known as a woodchuck.  There were four ripe eggplant, but only one was good.  The others were damaged by insects that I will post about in the future.



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