Tomatoes, Peppers, & Blackberries

We have been harvesting increasing numbers of tomatoes over the past two weeks.  The early tomatoes here are growing up and out of the cage.


The margherita tomatoes were the first of the paste tomatoes to bear fruit.  We have been picking them for about a week.


Two other paste tomato varieties, the health kick tomatoes (in the photo below) and the viva italia tomatoes, have fruit that will be ripe soon.


We also have been harvesting peppers for some time.  The yellow banana peppers in the photo produce the most fruit, but the takiis ace peppers are also contributing.


The blackberries started ripening in the past week.  The number of fruit is small at the beginning, but we should get more in a week or two.  Here, you can see the new growth (that will produce fruit next year) is outgrowing the trellis.


One blackberry branch will have fruit that is at different stages of ripeness.  The fruits grow larger as they progress from white to red to black.



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