Planting for Fall

Timing can be tricky when you’re planting fall crops.  Too late, and you’ll never harvest anything; too early, and summer’s heat may be too much for cool-weather crops.

Tonight, I prepared raised bed number four.  I pulled various cabbage family greens and dill that had flowered and were producing seed and put them in the compost bin.  I left some shiso herbs and some asian cabbages that are still growing.  Next, I dug the bed with the garden fork, being careful to avoid the cabbage and shiso.  I spread about ten pounds (4.5 kg) of cow manure and raked it in.

When I planted garden bed four last spring, I had some unknown seeds in the bottom of the plastic bag that holds the cabbage family seed packets.  I had a little extra room, so I planted them (rather close together) in part of a row.  Many of those seeds came up and grew; some look like cabbages.  They were too close together, so tonight we transplanted some to another part of the garden bed and pulled the smallest plants to make room.

We also planted cherry belle radish and minowase daikon seeds in a couple rows.  After I finished, I watered the unknown cabbage family plants and the newly planted seeds.


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