Planting 12: Kale, Cauliflower, Radish, Pak Choi, Lettuce

Continuing the fall planting theme, tonight my daughter helped me plant more cool weather crops.  I hope that the weather will stay warm long enough for these to grow, but that it’ll be cool enough that they will grow well.

We planted starbor kale and snow queen cauliflower, two seeds in each of four holes.  We also planted two varieties 0f pak choi, two seeds in each hole again:  three holes of brisk green and four of purple.  The holes are spaced about eight to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) apart.  We planted two seeds in each hole in case one doesn’t germinate; if both come up, I’ll pull one seedling out after I’m sure the other will grow.

All of those seeds were planted in raised bed number four, where the other cabbage family vegetables were planted in the spring.  We still have a few cabbages and hakurei turnips growing there.  We didn’t plant any mustard greens because giant red mustard has self-seeded and there are plenty of those coming up on their own.

Also in bed four, we planted a short row of cherry belle radishes.  The radishes I planted two weeks ago are up and growing; these will extend the harvest.

We pulled out the old lettuce plants in bed number one.  They have been flowering and trying to produce seeds rather than the leaves that we want to eat.  We also pulled out some shiso and dill plants that were overgrown and crowding the bed.  Then, we planted a row of mixed leaf lettuce seeds where the old plants had been.

Finally, I watered the soil where all the seeds were planted.  Although I watered bed one just two days ago, it is already getting dry.


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