Okra, Beans, Peppers, Tomatoes, & Blackberries

It’s been rainy the past few days, so we hadn’t picked vegetables for a while.  I’ve read that it’s easier to spread diseases among the plants when their leaves are wet, so I don’t like to work in the garden in wet weather.  Some beans were on the vines for too long, so they are big and will probably be tough.  We got a lot of blackberries, but we also had to throw away many that were overripe and fermenting.  The rotting fruit attracted fruit flies.  The tomatoes, peppers, and okra that we picked are all in good shape.  More rain is predicted over the next few days, so I picked as many peppers as we plan to use this weekend.  With all the rainy weather, you’d think I wouldn’t need to water, but the storms only delivered a couple tenths of an inch (5 mm) of rain each time, so I may need to water again soon.  The garden needs about an inch (25 mm) of water each week.




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