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Fall Garden Update

Last night (September 29th), I watered garden bed number four, which was dry.  The other garden beds have a little moisture but will probably need water in a couple of days. At the end of July, I began planting more … Continue reading

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Tomatillo Salsa Verde

One of the typical uses for tomatillo is to make green sauce.  We have a lot of tomatillo fruit from the “volunteer” plants that came up in garden bed number one and we have been trying to find a way … Continue reading

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Mantis in the Mint

Imagine you’re a butterfly, investigating the flowers on a mint plant, and you find this waiting for you. It looks like a male Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis) to me, but I’m no expert.  Perhaps the mantis I saw at the end of … Continue reading

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Last night, when I went to check if my sedum were flowering (they weren’t), I could smell ripe fruit.  Pawpaw fruits were ripening and some had fallen on the ground, so I picked them up and brought them in. The … Continue reading

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Beans, Tomatillos, Blackberries, Peppers, & Tomatoes

We picked vegetables tonight, for the first time in a few days.  As we move into fall, lower temperatures with highs around 70°F (21°C) and lows around 40°F (4°C) and reduced sunlight are reducing the number of veggies we harvest.  The pole … Continue reading

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Petite Pineapple

One of my pineapple plants flowered back in March.  I moved it outside with the other houseplants in June, and it’s been developing a fruit all summer.  The fruit recently began to turn yellow.  On Thursday (September 12th) I tried to … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest 04

With all the excitement lately, I haven’t spent much time in the garden.  This afternoon, we harvested several vegetables and more blackberries. Several peppers had turned red or orange, according to their type.  We also found a lot of ripe … Continue reading

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Leapin’ Liebsters

I accepted the Liebster award from The Novice Gardener back on August 27th (this is the punishment I get for commenting on her blog), so I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and pay it forward. This award is a kind of pyramid … Continue reading

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Lightning Tree

This is a bit off topic, but lightning from the storm yesterday (Sept. 11th) took out one of the honey locust trees in my front yard.  On its way from the top of the tree to the ground, the electricity … Continue reading

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Peppers, Tomatoes, Blackberries, & Tomatillos

First, I thought I’d show you some of our beautiful pepper plants.  Remember that there are three to five plants growing together in a group.  First are the takiis ace peppers; several fruits are turning red on the plants. Next … Continue reading

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