Summer Flowers 05

These flowers bloomed in my gardens in the second half of August.  Can summer already be coming to an end?

the last to bloom of my hostas


hosta flowers

“Volunteer” cosmos came up last fall in a pot in which cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ had been growing.  I kept them in my office window over the winter, and put them outside this spring.  They have been blooming all summer and attracting a variety of pollinators, such as this small bee or wasp…


cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ flowers and bee (?)

…and what looks to me like a Frigga’s Fritillary butterfly (Clossiana frigga), although my Audubon Society Wetlands Nature Guide says they are usually found farther north than central Pennsylvania.


cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ flowers and Frigga’s Fritillary butterfly

Garlic chives don’t just spice up our food, they also produce a pretty display of flowers.  If you let them produce seed, however, you will find they spread themselves far and wide, like many other herbs.  I now have chives blooming by my front door, perhaps 100 feet (30 m) from the back yard herb garden where these are growing.


flowering garlic chives

They too attract pollinators.


garlic chive flowers and bee

The “volunteer” ‘golden guardian’ marigolds in garden bed number one are spilling over the edge of the raised bed.


flowering marigold ‘golden guardian’

I planted them because they are supposed to ward off bad insects, but they also have bright, orange flowers.


marigold ‘golden guardian’ flowers

They attract useful insects, such as this bumblebee.


marigold ‘golden guardian’ flower and bumblebee

I think okra might be planted just for its flowers even if it didn’t produce vegetables.


okra flower

the latest-blooming of my daylilies


daylily flower and bud

In addition to these flowers, the repeat blooming ‘Stella de Oro’ daylilies, perennial sunflowers, joe pye weed, morning glories, dwarf pomegranates, and zinnias from my last flower post are still blooming.


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8 Responses to Summer Flowers 05

  1. They look beautiful, Brian, all the flowers, including the garlic chives! I have tons of them. Like you said, they spread! But I’ve been putting them in my food lately, and liking the flavor.

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