Peppers, Tomatoes, Blackberries, & Tomatillos

First, I thought I’d show you some of our beautiful pepper plants.  Remember that there are three to five plants growing together in a group.  First are the takiis ace peppers; several fruits are turning red on the plants.


Next are the yellow banana peppers; these turn from yellow to orange as they ripen (but of course you can eat them at any time).


Tonight’s harvest was rather meager, especially considering that we haven’t picked any vegetables for a couple of days.  I’m afraid summer is coming to an end, and the shorter days and cooler weather are taking their toll.

We have rain predicted for the next couple days, so we picked a half-dozen peppers to use over that time.  We got a good number of tomatoes, but had to throw some others away as they were rotting, possibly with anthracnose that I saw earlier this summer.  There were just a few more blackberries and tomatillos.  We also picked a grand total of two beans, hidden under the tomatoes in the photo.


I also watered garden beds one, two, and three tonight.  Although it might rain in a day or two, the plants need water now.  Also, the amount of rain predicted is less than the garden needs in a week.


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