Fall Garden Update

Last night (September 29th), I watered garden bed number four, which was dry.  The other garden beds have a little moisture but will probably need water in a couple of days.

At the end of July, I began planting more cabbage family vegetables in that bed.  I planted radishes, daikon, pak choi, kale, and cauliflower.  The results are mixed at best.  While we have already eaten some of the radishes, and it looks like the second planting from the middle of August will also yield some edible radishes, many of the radish plants aren’t making large roots.  The kale that we also planted in mid-August hasn’t grown much at all; it has a long way to go if it will equal last year’s kale.


The cauliflower seedlings aren’t any larger than the kale.  Next year, I will need to start kale and cauliflower seeds indoors in July.

Something has been eating the kale leaves, producing the small holes that you can see in the photo.  The cabbages that have been (slowly) growing all summer are being devoured by the larvae of the small white cabbage butterfly (Pieris rapae).


Sadly, this is what pesticide-free gardening looks like at its worst.  On the other hand, the daikon may grow some usable roots and at least some of the pak choi are growing.  Digging up the garden bed also disturbed seeds of giant red indian mustard (they re-seed freely if you let them flower) and so we have a fast-growing supply of mustard greens.  That’s just as well, as only a few lettuce seedlings have appeared where I planted their seeds in garden bed number one.  There are a lot of dill seedlings and even a few cilantro seedlings growing where the lettuce is supposed to be, so that too is not a total loss.


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4 Responses to Fall Garden Update

  1. I have just one thing to say to all gardeners out there. What fall garden? What garden? I guess that’s two things. Haven’t gone anywhere near my garden in weeks. I’m scared of what I’ll find.

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