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Gypsum, Sulfur, & Lime

Double, double toil and trouble — no, not a recipe from the Scottish play, but three soil amendments that every gardener should know.  These are typically worked into the soil when the garden bed is prepared for planting.  Follow the … Continue reading

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Scarface Tomatoes

In my previous post about a disease that was affecting my tomatoes, I had discovered something that was new to my garden.  This time, I’m writing about a disease that has been a problem in my garden for several years. … Continue reading

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First Frost

We had frost/freezing temperatures predicted for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week, down to 27°F (-3°C) on Friday night.  I moved the houseplants inside, but I also had to do something about the vegetables that are sensitive to frost. … Continue reading

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Houseplant Moving (In) Day

With freezing temperatures predicted for three nights in a row, I scrambled to move my houseplants indoors tonight (Wednesday) before they could be damaged.  I had moved them outdoors on June 5th.  Moving the plants was complicated by my desire … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest 06

This weekend, we picked the usual tomatoes, peppers, and beans.  I also pulled a few carrots.  These are napoli variety, a nantes type carrot, unlike the danvers carrots we started harvesting earlier.  The wispy-looking plant on the bowls is summer … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest 05

The summer vegetables are producing less, but still producing.  It may seem like a lot, but that is because we aren’t picking them as often as we were.  I’m finding more tomatoes with mold problems, so I’ve started picking them … Continue reading

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