First Frost

We had frost/freezing temperatures predicted for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week, down to 27°F (-3°C) on Friday night.  I moved the houseplants inside, but I also had to do something about the vegetables that are sensitive to frost.  I could have covered them, similar to what I did last spring, but with three days of frost that seemed like too much work.  Shorter days and cooler temperatures have greatly reduced the output of the warm-weather vegetables, so the effort probably wouldn’t be rewarded with more fruits.  That’s why we picked all of the remaining tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant last night.


The green tomatoes should ripen over the next month or two.  The peppers of course can be used at any time.  The eggplant are small, but maybe we can get some value from them.

We also harvested all the basil, cutting off the plants and processing the sweet basil leaves with garlic and olive oil to freeze for later use.  We are drying the lemon basil.  Basil turns black if there’s a frost.

I found a layer of ice in the bird bath this morning, so it must have gotten quite cold last night.  It pays to watch the weather forecast!


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