Houseplant Moving (In) Day

With freezing temperatures predicted for three nights in a row, I scrambled to move my houseplants indoors tonight (Wednesday) before they could be damaged.  I had moved them outdoors on June 5th.  Moving the plants was complicated by my desire to get some things done before I brought them in.

I re-potted the jade plant(s).  Every time a branch or leaf falls off, I stick it in the soil, so there are several plants from the same original plant.  They haven’t been growing well, and I hope that they’ll do better in the new pot.  This pot is larger, and made from terra-cotta, so it should “breathe” and keep the soil from being too moist.  We’ve had a lot of rain recently and I think the excess moisture was making the jade roots rot.  I used a mix of regular potting soil and sand to improve drainage.

jade plants after transplanting

jade plants after transplanting

The jade plants (Crassula ovata) had been growing in the yellow pot in front.

I also pruned dead or damaged branches, leaves, etc. from the other houseplants before I brought them in.  Here, you can see the lemon tree on the right, Surinam cherry tree on the left, and (barely) one pineapple plant between the trees.  I decided to get rid of my other pineapple plants (there were two growing in one pot) as they didn’t look as good as this one and I wanted to make some room.  The lemon tree added a lot of foliage this year but it only has one fruit on it.  We harvested about a dozen lemons last winter.

Surinam cherry tree, pineapple, and lemon tree after moving indoors

Surinam cherry tree, pineapple, and lemon tree after moving indoors

I also moved my lemon grass, fern, and Sansevieria (mother-in-law’s tongue) indoors.  I moved the marigold planter, zinnias, cosmos, and dwarf pomegranates into the garage, which should stay above freezing overnight.


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