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Office Flowers Return

On Thursday (October 31st), after removing the diseased parts of my prickly pear cactus, I moved some flowers back into my office.  My office has a south-facing window, so it’s a good place to keep plants that I have no … Continue reading

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Fall Flowers & Foliage

I don’t have a lot of fall-blooming flowers, but there are other sources of color in the fall garden.  These photos are from September and October and are presented in approximately the order in which they were made. The perennial … Continue reading

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I’ve got blisters on my cactus!

When I watered my cactus earlier this week, I noticed that it had what looked like blisters, some of them black, and a wound with dried mucilage attached.  I’ve never seen this before, so I went down the hall and … Continue reading

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