Office Flowers Return

On Thursday (October 31st), after removing the diseased parts of my prickly pear cactus, I moved some flowers back into my office.  My office has a south-facing window, so it’s a good place to keep plants that I have no space for at home.

The three pots that I moved into the office contain marigolds, a dwarf pomegranate, and cosmos.  You can also see the cactus to the right.  All of these plants were in my office during last winter; I put them outside at my house during the summer.  The window planter with the marigolds still has a nasturtium growing at the left end, but it hasn’t produced flowers in many months.


Although they’re growing in the same pot, these cosmos are not the same plants that I had in my office last winter and spring.  This is actually the third generation.  I planted some cosmos in this pot in the spring of 2012; new “volunteer” plants came up that fall, so I moved them to my office.  Those cosmos bloomed all this past summer at my house.  They in turn died, and more “volunteer” cosmos have come up and already have flower buds.  I couldn’t leave them out to freeze, so to the office they went again.


The dwarf pomegranate lost its leaves in late winter, which worried me.  I’ve since read that pomegranates are deciduous, so they are expected to lose their leaves.  It grew new leaves and has been blooming profusely for some time.  One flower has produced a fruit, which you can see in the top left of the photo.  My other two pomegranates spend the winter inside my house.  They did not lose their leaves last winter and they produced many mini fruits this summer.  The fruit is edible, but I haven’t (yet) tried any.



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5 Responses to Office Flowers Return

  1. What? There’s a miniature pomegranate? How cute is that? I would totally eat the fruits, Brian! You’ll need to take a photo of the insides of the fruits. I’ll bet it’d be of interest to many people.

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