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It’s cold and there’s a little snow on the ground as 2013 comes to an end.  There are still a few onions and carrots in the garden to be harvested when the weather warms.  My houseplants will have to satisfy … Continue reading

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More Carrots

It warmed up and rained, all the snow is gone, so we were able to pull some more carrots. These are more of the ‘napoli’ variety (nantes type) carrots.  The big one on the right is over eight inches (20 … Continue reading

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Cactus Shoot

My prickly pear cactus has a tiny, new shoot growing from the edge of the wound where I removed the diseased leaves at the end of October. The wound seems to have dried up and not become infected, so I … Continue reading

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Planting a Pineapple

I got rid of two pineapple plants that were growing in one pot to make room for my other plants, but relented and planted a new pineapple in the same pot.  After harvesting the pineapple in September, we put the … Continue reading

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Carrots, Daikon, & Marjoram

We continued to harvest root crops into late fall; these were picked on December 4th.  The carrots and daikon don’t grow as long in my heavy, clay soil as they would if they grew in loam or sandy soil.  They … Continue reading

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Using Leaves as Mulch

Many of my neighbors dispose of their trees’ leaves in the fall, then pay for bark or wood mulch to spread in their flower beds in spring.  I collect the leaves (and some from one neighbor’s yard) and use them … Continue reading

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Cabbages & Carrots

We continued to harvest carrots into the fall; these are from mid-November.  The frost doesn’t seem to affect them.  I’ve found carrots in the spring when I dug up the garden bed that were good to eat. When I planted … Continue reading

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Tiger Cubs

This is completely off topic, but one reason I’ve not produced many posts lately is that I was away over Thanksgiving.  While I was in the Washington, DC area, I visited the National Zoo to see the tiger cubs and … Continue reading

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Transplanting Sweet William

Last June, I planted sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) ‘extra dwarf mix’ seeds in a window planter.  As they are small plants, I feel they will have a chance in a small pot like this.  Because the seed was quite old, … Continue reading

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