Carrots, Daikon, & Marjoram

We continued to harvest root crops into late fall; these were picked on December 4th.  The carrots and daikon don’t grow as long in my heavy, clay soil as they would if they grew in loam or sandy soil.  They also are a bit misshapen.  The marjoram is the zaatar variety; I will have to try some to see if it spicier than regular marjoram, as was claimed in the seed catalog.


The carrots were planted in April, and the daikon at the end of July.  Carrots will be good to eat for a long time if they are left in the ground, but daikon become bitter and will flower if left too long.  These were already becoming bitter despite growing in cool weather.

The temperature has stayed below freezing for much of the past couple of weeks, and now it’s snowing, so this may be the last vegetable harvest this year.  We’ll probably pick some sage leaves from time to time.  In the past, I’ve used garden fabric to cover some vegetables like I did this spring and extended the growing season, but we didn’t have much left to protect this year so I didn’t bother.


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