Planting a Pineapple

I got rid of two pineapple plants that were growing in one pot to make room for my other plants, but relented and planted a new pineapple in the same pot.  After harvesting the pineapple in September, we put the cut-off top in water and left it on the kitchen windowsill.  It quickly developed some impressively long roots.


I put a piece of landscape fabric in the bottom of the pot to keep the soil from finding its way out of the drainage holes.


I filled the pot with soil from some old flower pots that I haven’t used in several years.  I mixed in some cow manure and peat moss to enrich this old soil.


It may appear that the pineapple plant is much too small for the pot, but it will want all that space and more.


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work: chemist, NMR manager; hobbies: gardening, reading, photography, electronics, biking, woodworking
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