It’s cold and there’s a little snow on the ground as 2013 comes to an end.  There are still a few onions and carrots in the garden to be harvested when the weather warms.  My houseplants will have to satisfy the urge to garden until it’s time to plant the first vegetable seeds.

There were a number of things I should have done in the garden this year and some posts and pages were never written.  On the other hand, this is my 147th post for the year, I’ve started to learn about editing photographs, and hopefully at least a few readers have found something useful or interesting in my blog.

Of course, gardening is a cycle, so as the year ends, the brightly colored seed catalogs arrive to tempt and inspire us for the next year.  I ordered once from Jung and use Pinetree as one of my usual sources of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, but I’ve never ordered from most of these companies.  I guess seed companies, like gardeners, are optimists.


We still have a few tomatoes that have been ripening indoors.


What will I do in the new year?  I don’t really know.  This was intended as a single year of gardening, not an ongoing series, but of course there are all those things I could have done better and I believe I would miss writing.  Perhaps I’ll continue making gardening posts, or maybe start something new.


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work: chemist, NMR manager; hobbies: gardening, reading, photography, electronics, biking, woodworking
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2 Responses to Endings

  1. Hilda says:

    Now that I have come across your blog, hope you do it again next year. I am always eager to look to other gardeners for tips, and there are precious few real gardening blogs out there. And the winter is a great time to learn about gardening.

    • Hi Hilda, thanks for your comment! Not sure how much garden blogging, if any, I’ll do this year, but you can check out last year’s posts. I don’t change my garden much from year to year, other than planting each type of vegetable in a new bed, i.e. crop rotation.

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