Vegetable, Herb, & Flower Seeds Order

Today, I placed my seed order.  I usually order seeds in January or February, but since winter is dragging on this year, I don’t think it’ll make much difference.  Like last year, I ordered my seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds & Accessories.

These are not all the seeds I’ll plant this year.  I’ll use many seeds from past years; since I store them in the refrigerator, they remain viable for at least a few years.  I’m going to list what I ordered in two parts; first are the “tried and true” seeds that I’ve run out of and am replacing.  These are varieties that grow well for me.

  • red giant indian mustard
  • fun jen pai tsai greens
  • Pinetree lettuce mix
  • red long of tropea onion
  • brisk green pak choi
  • super sugar snap pea
  • new ace pepper
  • sweet banana pepper
  • marjoram

The second list includes varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that I’ve never (yet) attempted to grow.  Some of these I intend to grow in pots; Pinetree’s catalog helpfully includes an icon next to those varieties that should do well in a pot.

  • rattlesnake bean
  • emerite pole bean
  • mibuna mustard green
  • mitsuba Japanese parsley
  • winter lettuce mix
  • green nutmeg melon
  • bunching crimson forest onion
  • red marble cippolini onion
  • ambition shallot
  • Polish linguisa tomato
  • speckled Roman tomato
  • Italian large leaf basil
  • lettuce leaf basil
  • gecofure basil
  • cat grass
  • palace blue with eye lobelia
  • red rocket snapdragon
  • sunspot sunflower

The regular “sweet basil” that I’ve always planted is good, but I’ve long wanted to try some of the many varieties of basil that I see in the catalogs.  I also ran out of lemon basil seeds, but the variety of lemon basil that I wanted to try was out of stock.  It’s my punishment for not ordering sooner, I guess.

I attempted to start cleaning up the garden today — removing tomato cages and plant labels — but the ground is still frozen.



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