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Pruning Cherry & Peach Trees and Caring for Seedlings

This weekend, I pruned my cherry ‘north star’ and peach ‘redhaven.’  Last year, I explained in detail how I prune these trees in two posts, “Pruning the Cherry & Peach” and “Peach Tree & More on Pruning.”  I pruned the … Continue reading

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Purple Azaleas, Lightning, and Bumblebees

When lightning struck one of my honey locust trees last September, it traveled down the trunk, dug a furrow through the turf to the water supply valve, and apparently followed the water line to the house.  On its way, it … Continue reading

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Herb Seedlings & Replanting

Checking on my herb seedlings that I planted two weeks ago, I see that basil (one peat pot on the top right and two on the bottom left) and cilantro (spindly seedlings in the two pots on the bottom right) germinated … Continue reading

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Seed Coats, Seed Leaves, True Leaves, & Mutant Kale

As I mentioned recently, the seed coat sometimes remains on a plant’s seed leaves  or cotyledons, trapping them so that the young plant can’t grow properly.  Soil or other material can similarly bind seedlings’ leaves. If the seed coat or other problem doesn’t drop off on its … Continue reading

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New Garden Rake

My old garden rake was great, except for one thing:  it kept coming apart.  The metal “business end” slipped out of the wooden handle every few minutes whenever I used it.  It was fine when it was new, but once … Continue reading

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Planting Cabbage Greens & Roots

Tonight, I planted several cabbage greens and some cabbage family root crops in garden bed number one.  Since I had already dug the bed, I only had to rake it smooth and make a rim around the outside, then add … Continue reading

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Planting Flowers in Pots

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to plant annual flowers in pots and use them to add color around my yard.  I can move the pots to more visible places when the plants in them are flowering heavily.  When I ordered seeds … Continue reading

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Pepper Seedlings

My peppers have started to sprout.  The eggplant seeds seem to be a day or two behind the peppers as I am just seeing them push through the surface now.  Here is a photo of the new shoots as of last … Continue reading

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Planting Onions

Over the weekend, I finished preparing garden bed number two.  I used my garden fork to turn over the soil, raked it out and raised the edges.  Since I haven’t found a source for the type of manure that I want … Continue reading

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Lemon Fruit & Flowers

My lemon tree has one fruit that formed last summer but hasn’t fully ripened.  I judge the fruit to be ripe when it falls off the tree.  It doesn’t become bright yellow like the lemons you see in a grocery store. … Continue reading

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