Nasturtium & Sweet William Flowers

When I moved some flowers to my office last fall, I had a window planter full of flowering marigolds and a nasturtium.  Since then, the marigolds all died and the nasturtium(s) (not sure how many plants are in there) flourished and bloomed.  I grew nasturtium ‘peach melba’ in this planter a few years ago; they must have self-seeded to produce these “volunteer” plants.  This closeup is from mid March.


closeup of flower on self-seeded nasturtium

There also is a small marigold growing and blooming in the planter that must have come from seed from the marigolds that were growing earlier.  The nasturtiums bloomed for a few weeks then stopped, but it looks like new flower buds are forming now.

Late last fall, I divided some sweet william and transplanted the extra plants into a second window planter.  I moved the smaller window planter to my office but left the original planter outside to overwinter.  I don’t know how the plants that I left outside will do (it can’t help that something’s been digging in the planter), but the plants that spent the winter inside started flowering in March.

flowers on indoor sweet william

flowers on indoor sweet william

flowers on indoor sweet William

flowers on indoor sweet william

All of the sweet william flowers have faded; hopefully they too will produce more soon.


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5 Responses to Nasturtium & Sweet William Flowers

  1. Hilda says:

    Beautiful pictures. I want one of those nasturtium seeds. It looks as if they have maple leaves painted on the petals.

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