Planting Herbs & More Tomatoes

Today, I planted more seeds in pots so they can sprout and grow indoors before I transplant them into the garden.  I planted the six remaining tomato varieties in the same fairly large, plastic pots that I used last year:  agro, margherita, Polish linguisa, Rachel, speckled Roman, and health kick.  All except ‘Rachel’ are paste varieties.  My favorite paste tomato, ‘viva italia,’ apparently is no longer available.

I planted my annual herbs in peat pots to minimize root damage when I transplant them.  I planted regular and zaatar marjoram, three varieties of sweet basil, summer savory, flatleaf parsley, and two varieties of cilantro, both developed to produce leaves rather than seeds (coriander).

Finally, I planted marigold ‘golden guardian’ seeds in a plastic pot.  This flower will be transplanted in the midst of my tomatoes to help ward off damaging nematodes.

Some of the cabbage seeds that I planted on Tuesday have already sprouted.

newly sprouted cabbage

newly sprouted cabbage seedlings



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6 Responses to Planting Herbs & More Tomatoes

  1. Hilda says:

    I also started a lot of seedlings this week, tomato, leek, broccoli, Swiss chard, kale and zucchini, but looking at your little cabbage sprouts, I think I might have to go seed shopping today.

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