Planting Onions

Over the weekend, I finished preparing garden bed number two.  I used my garden fork to turn over the soil, raked it out and raised the edges.  Since I haven’t found a source for the type of manure that I want to use, I raked in about 3 pounds of 10-10-10 fertilizer.

Then, my daughter helped me plant yellow onion bulbs.  Since we want scallions or green onions, we planted them about 3 inches (7.5 cm) deep and spaced closely, so they touched.

We also prepared garden bed number one.  My daughter pulled out the stalks from old plants and I dug up the bed with the garden fork.  A few onions remained in this bed, so I carefully dug them out with the fork and re-planted them in garden bed number two, extending the row we made earlier.  There were three kinds of onions:  yellow onions from bulbs like what we had just planted, some ‘red long of tropea’ onions that I started from seed last year, and some ‘heshiko’ japanese bunching onions that I also started from seed last year.

I also dug up the remains of some carrots.  Last year, I found carrots that wintered over in the garden, but the longer, colder winter this year must have been too much.  I found a few parsnips too, but they were too small to be usable and as they are biennials I expect that they would flower and produce seed, rather than edible roots, if I re-planted them.


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