New Garden Rake

My old garden rake was great, except for one thing:  it kept coming apart.  The metal “business end” slipped out of the wooden handle every few minutes whenever I used it.  It was fine when it was new, but once the tang worked its way out of the handle, I couldn’t get it to stay together.  I tried to glue it, but that didn’t work.

My old rake was a Sears Craftsman® garden tool, which meant that it had a lifetime warranty.  On Saturday, I took it to a local Sears store to see if they’d exchange the rake for a new one.  They did, and with no hassles.  They told me where to find a new rake, I picked one out, and the cashier took care of the paperwork in less than a minute.

The new rake has both good and bad points.  While the old rake appeared to be made from forged steel, the new rake appears to be made from stamped steel, so it may not be as strong.  On the other hand, the new rake is double-sided — one side has the usual tines that I use to mix fertilizer, etc. into a garden bed, while the other side is scalloped and makes the new rake better at moving dirt around than the old rake was.  The composite handle may be stronger than the old rake’s wood handle.  There’s a rivet in the handle as well; hopefully it goes through the tang so it won’t come apart like the old one.

new rake on old wheelbarrow

new rake on old wheelbarrow


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