Pruning Cherry & Peach Trees and Caring for Seedlings

This weekend, I pruned my cherry ‘north star’ and peach ‘redhaven.’  Last year, I explained in detail how I prune these trees in two posts, “Pruning the Cherry & Peach” and “Peach Tree & More on Pruning.”  I pruned the cherry and peach trees a little later this year than last year; some peach flowers are already open and the cherry tree flower buds are swollen.  As usual, I collected the branches and put them on an old window screen to dry; I’ll use them with my smoker.  I have a lot more pruning to do this spring.

It’s been warm and windy this past week with little rain, so I’ve had to water the garden.  I watered the pea shoots that are poking out of the ground, as well as the onions we planted and transplanted, and all the seeds I planted in garden bed number one.

As my vegetable, flower, and herb seeds sprout and grow into seedlings, whether they are indoors or planted directly outdoors, it’s important to take care of them properly.  I check them every day to make sure they don’t dry out and to take care of “stuck” leaves.  When the seedlings start growing, I like to give them some soluble fertilizer with their water to give them a little boost at the beginning.  I usually give just one dose before I transplant them into the garden.  I also use the soluble fertilizer once on outdoor seedlings, e.g. when I watered the peas this weekend.  I continue to use the “rose plant food” version of soluble fertilizer as its 18N-24P-16K formula seems like a better balance to me.


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