Planting Chard, Lettuce, Beets, Carrots, & Onions

I was planting by moonlight by the time I finished, which isn’t nearly as romantic as it sounds.  The rows may appear a little random when the plants come up, but that doesn’t really matter.

First, I reserved space at the south end of garden bed number two for the okra and herbs that I will plant later.  I planted three groups of five seeds each of chard ‘bright lights’ at the north end of the bed, spacing the groups about a foot (30 cm) apart.

In rows running between the reserved space and the chard, I planted lettuce (Pinetree leaf lettuce mix), beets ‘red ace,’ and a row each of carrots ‘Napoli’ and ‘Danvers half long.’  I planted the beets in a zigzag fashion in a row a few inches (7 cm) wide to increase the number I could plant by a little.  All the rows were about eight or ten inches (20 to 25 cm) apart.  This is a little tighter than recommended, but if we thin the vegetables through the summer by harvesting them, that will provide more space for those that remain.

Finally, I planted five types of onions in a single row adjacent to the onions that we planted earlier.  From north to south, they were shallots ‘ambition,’ onions ‘red marble cippolini’ and ‘red long of Tropea,’ and bunching onions ‘crimson forest’ and ‘heshiko.’  Bunching onions provide scallions (green onions) rather than bulbs.

The last step was to water all the seeds.  Although we have had some rainy days, actual precipitation has been scant and the garden is pretty dry.  I’ve also been watering the other plants that are already growing in the garden.


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